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Synaphy Team discussing Agile Software Development Practices

Agile Software Development Principles

Agile software development is about delivering the best possible result to customers for the fairest price. Agile focuses on people interactions, working software and the recognition that change in a software project is not something to be feared or negotiated, but wholeheartedly embraced.


International Solutions

The recent technological advances in communications and travel technologies have removed the barriers that used to make overseas business difficult. Thanks to the internet, cell phones, jet airplanes, Synaphy is able to provide international solutions to practically any country — whether domestic or foreign.


"When I first heard of Synaphy, I thought, 'What can these guys do for me?' But now after working with them for the past year my question is, 'What can't these guys do?' What they've done for my business has been truly amazing."

-- Greg, ecommerce